Season Start-Up.....

There is a lot of field preparation we do before our harvesting begins. We start by using crop rotation and planting cover crops to keep our soils healthy. 

In early spring, when the good weather starts, we can begin loosing the soil by discing and cultivating.

Once the fields are levelled and the soil is dry we can start planting potato seed. 

As the potatoes start to grow, so do the weeds, and since we don't use any sprays or chemicals we have to keep up with weekly weeding. The ladies either walk the fields with the "hands on approach', or we can also use new machinery that can weed accurately using GPS technology.

Usually by mid July, these great tasting potatoes will be ready for harvesting.

Early morning potato harvest. Delta BC

With our new drone we are able to fly over our fields and document all the harvest action.

Click above to watch the harvesting video.

The potatoes are harvested in the early morning, then taken to our pack shed for grading, washing and packaging. Each year, we trial many varieties to find potatoes with a great taste profile that can thrive under organic management practices.

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