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Malting Organic Barley

Our organic barley started as a good rotational crop, it smothers out most of our troublesome weeds, and it provides a valuable habitat for beneficial insects. Crop rotation is a useful tool in preventing soil diseases, insect pests, weed problems, and for building healthy soils.

Shift change for the barle harvest.
Organic Barley crop rotation.
Trucking out our barley.
Mulox totes full of barley that will soon be malted.

In the last few years, we have decided to expand barley production to have it malted for beer. This decision partnered well with the plan of opening an on-farm brewery called Barnside Brewing Co. that opened in January 2020. The brewery features craft beer made from our barley and our other organic crops.

Swing by Barnside Brewing and try our Russet Stout (made with our organic russet potatoes) Ladner Clay IPA, Crescent Island Brown, Smash Ale, or our Honeycomb Pale Ale, they all start with our organic barley.

Tasty cold sudsy delicious tasting craft beer
Cold tasty delicious sudsy beer.
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