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Organic Silage Corn

Our silage corn is grown and sold to local organic dairy farmers whose cows are fed an organic diet.

Great crop to compete with the weeds.
Organic corn harvest Delta BC dairy cows

Our silage corn grows very fast and very tall, reaching up to 14 feet over the summer. It's a good organic crop because the weeds have a difficult time competing with a crop that grows so tall.

Organic silage cow corn

Beware though, if you try eating an ear of this corn, you will probably break your teeth. It's hard and dry and only tastes good to cows. 

Corn harvester farming and cutting organic corn.
Nigh time corn havest

Corn harvesting is a real busy time for us with trucks moving in and out of the fields all day. Sometimes we can harvest well into the night if we are trying to beat the heavy rains which can cause our trucks and tractors to get stuck in the fields.

Aerial picture of our corn harvest in Ladner B.C.

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