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The arrival of mouth watering new potatoes

means that summer has begun.

Organic Warba Potatoes

New early white potat oes

Our first variety of the season !

The Warba Potato is an early producing crop. Its skin color is white fleshed with pink around the eyes. They are very delicate and we harvest them before the skin has set. They are harvested early in the morning to protect them from the sun and they are washed and ready to ship within hours.

Great for boiling, roasting and mashing.

After the Warbas are planted it takes approximately 53 days until they are harvested. 

These delicious potatoes are great when boiled or roasted.

...keep checking in with us to see our new recipes page.

Early morning potato harvest, packaged and shipped fresh the same day.

Organic Yellow Potatoes

Great for baking, boiling, roasting and mashing.

For your convenience, you can either buy our potatoes in bulk or in 5 lb. bags, just look for our Fraserland Organics logo on label.

Our potatoes are grown organically, which means we don't use any man-made synthetic chemicals on our potatoes. We use crop rotation and cover crops to maintain healthy soils. You can feel good about leaving the peel on when cooking our potatoes, and benefit from all the nutritious fibre and vitamins that are found in the skin. 

Organic Red Potatoes

Great for soups, stews, roasting and potato salads.

Organic Russet Potatoes

Great for baking, mashing and french frying.

Different organic varieties are grown to suit the seasons. Some are scheduled for summer harvest and other varieties are chosen for their stability in storage.

Organic Russet Potatoes are an excellent source

of potassium and vitamin C, they are also fat free...

sodium free...and cholesterol free. Awesome !

They are a great comfort food and a good compliment to every meal.

We harvest the potatoes before the weather gets too cold and rainy, and they are  stored through the winter months.

Organic Purple Potatoes

Great for baking, and roasting.

The Purple Potatoes carry a powerful punch!

They are filled with anthocyanin, antioxidants and phytonutrients which offer great health benefits.

Our Organic Crop Calendar

Seasons may vary due to weather conditions

Remember to store your potatoes in a cool, dry , dark and well-ventilated area.

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